How does ADEVI ensure the algorithms don’t reuse my sensitive project aspects?

ADEVI automates mundane project development tasks, while giving you more confidence as a project manager. You can finish your project without the need to learn anything new. Your project’s unique aspects are not considered “routine,” and therefore, are not used as algorithms.


What features are included with the paid subscription?

What features are included with the paid subscription?


I just purchased a package, but changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

ADEVI is significantly more affordable to use than most solutions available on the market today. From the costs of discussing your project with a project manager to documenting your requirements, prototyping and designing projects with pixel-perfect graphic design and optimal user experience, and beyond, it all gets very costly. ADEVI saves you money, time, AND frustration. It is for this reason that we do not provide refunds if you have already made the decision to invest in one of our packages.


How does the 14-days free trial work?

When you sign up, you instantly get access to our full functionality plan for 14 days with limited sharing, collaboration or source code extraction. It means you can create a fully interactive prototype and evaluate if ADEVI is right for you. We will email you when your trial expires. If you would like to download the source code or invite people to collaborate or share the prototype, you can then select a plan and pay by credit card to continue using the service. If you choose not to stay, your account will be suspended after 30 days.


Have any other questions?

If you have questions about ADEVI or the signup process, please use the contact form [link to contact form] to reach to us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.


How does ADEVI AI work? How does it learn from my input?

ADEVI constantly updates its data from external sources and internal use. All data used to update ADEVI’s algorithms is carefully verified.


Is my ADEVI work saved on my device, or the cloud?

ADEVI uses secure cloud hosting through our partnership with Amazon. Sleep peacefully knowing that your work is always safe – no matter what happens to your personal device. ADEVI regularly saves your work too, so that you don’t need to worry.


How can I request/suggest better features?

We’d love to hear all about them! Glance to the top right-hand corner of the platform, and you’ll see an “Exclamation Mark” button. Click on it to provide your suggestions for improvements, report a bug, or anything else that’s on your mind. We’ll review your comments as soon as possible, and do everything we can to turn it into reality!


Is my data safe?

At ADEVI, we take data security seriously. We host ADEVI at the world-class data centre that is protected by 24-hour surveillance, and we ensure that ADEVI is up-to-date with the latest security measures.


Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime?

You can choose a different plan if the current plan is not suitable, meaning that you need to use ADEVI for more or fewer projects. The benefit or having another plan is that you achieve a better price per project. For example, on Basic Plan, if you need to add an additional project, then the price will be $30 per additional project. Whereas, on the Team Plan the cost per project comes to $16 per addition project.