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  • App idea. Check.

  • Skills to make it a reality. No.

  • Have the cash or budget to use an app development company. No.

Bridge the gap between idea and actualisation.

Adevi. Low code AI Assisted App Development.

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Adevi is simple. Adevi is smart. Adevi works for you.

Entrepreneur & Non Tech Professional

You have an amazing idea for an app that solves a real problem, one that bothers you and bothers many others. Great.

You jump online and look up how to create an app… and you find LOTS OF INFORMATION.

Overwhelmed yet?

You contact an app development company or digital agency to get a quote. It costs a lot.

So you stop there. Your dream of becoming the next Zuck or Sheryl is over.

…or is it?

As much as we hope, time doesn’t stand still. Moments pass and opportunities are lost. There are a lot of ideas out there, yet that is only a small part of the equation to being the founder of a successful app.

Where it really becomes interesting is with developing the app.

Adevi solves this problem.

We provide you with a low code AI assisted app development platform to bridge the gap between your idea and realising it, so you can visualise your vision with a prototype at a fraction of the cost and time it would take you with a traditional app development company.

With Adevi you can realise your vision by leveraging our Adevi AI Assistant. With it you can create a beautiful low code prototype with quality source code in under an hour, ready to show your investors, a developer or even your Mum!

Adevi AI Assistant
Human centered UI

Just think, that idea you had for a toast timer could have cost you thousands. With Adevi, you can test your ideas whether good or bad.

Human centered UI. Beautiful colour palettes. Hi fidelity interactive mockups.

Simplify and streamline your workflow. Bridge the gap between idea and actualisation. See your vision.

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