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  • Is communication through the SDLC impacting delivery?

  • Workflow interrupted due to inefficient tools and integration?

You need a simpler, faster and smarter way to create apps for your clients.

Bridge the gap between idea and actualisation. Adevi. Low code AI Assisted App Development.
communication through SDLC

Adevi is simple. Adevi is smart. Adevi works for you.

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As much as we hope, time doesn’t stand still. Moments pass and opportunities are lost. Even in this age of automation and simplicity, it still takes time to do things. And some much longer than others.

App development is one of those.

Even with fantastic tools to hand, we suffer from fragmentation, workflow interruption and the worst ailment of them all, poor communication between you, your client and the developers.

Adevi solves these problems.

We provide you a low code app development platform to bridge the gap between idea and actualisation, so your clients can transport their vision from imagination to reality.
Think about this. Currently you work tirelessly to prototype your clients vision, at a cost to them and at a cost to you. Tedious processes, numerous tools and interrupted workflows and all before you shift to development, where it all starts again. All of this along with simply exchanging your time for money, which when limited, makes it difficult to scale. With Adevi you can partner with your client to understand their vision, then by leveraging our Adevi AI Assistant on our low code app development platform, you can create a beautiful prototype with quality source code in under an hour, ready to show your client.

Human centered UI. Beautiful colour palettes. Hi fidelity interactive mockups.

Human centered UI

Simplify and streamline your workflow. Bridge the gap between idea and actualisation. Paint your clients vision.

ADEVI. Beautiful Apps. Delivered with AI